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Arbor House of Temple, Texas

Memory Care

Arbor House Temple is an all-inclusive, secure community for residents with memory care needs. We have created an environment to support residents to maintain their dignity and independence while receiving assistance in areas they may need support, such as dressing, bathing, medications and decision making. Our Life in Motion engagement programming allows residents to find joy, purpose and connection in their everyday lives. Our caregivers, as we call "friends", find a distinct connection with each resident that helps build relationships between the two, providing continuity and structure throughout the day. Whether it be enjoying snacks in the ice cream parlor, or helping bake a cake, enjoying the birds in the Aviary, or taking a walk in the secured courtyard, the residents of Arbor House are engaged with their "friends" and enjoy a more purpose-filled day!

Arbor House Temple holds a special Certification for Alzheimer's Care. Residents enjoy a home-like living space that offers a kitchen area available to residents 24 hours a day, a neighborhood or individual house dining area, a living room where many engagements occur, a quieter family area that has a TV, private bedrooms and courtyards which are available for our residents enjoyment anytime they like. The community is comprised of 4 such houses, providing the smaller spaces as recommended in studies on proper environment for successful dementia living while giving ample community spaces for walks and larger engagement groups. Assistance with personal care needs and 24-hour care is provided in our uniquely caring environment. When space allows, Day Stay and Respite Care is also available.

At Arbor House, we give new meaning to life.

Life In Motion
At Arbor House, we believe that Life can have new meaning and it doesn't stop as we age - we stay In Motion. A balanced engagement program gives breath to this New Life in Motion by ensuring that Arbor House offers just what every person needs and wants to continue to enjoy and encounter life. This engagement program is composed of eight components, including: bodies, minds, hearts, dreams, friends, purpose, feelings and quiet moments. Residents can participate in engagements throughout the day that encompass these eight elements. Life in Motion is built around residents' needs and desires. Each Arbor House community is unique in the way they deliver these engagement programs - it all depends on the residents! Join us for Life In Motion! Our communities offer over 50 different programs daily. Programs are happening in each "house" simultaneously allowing residents the freedom to participate wherever they would like.

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Private Deluxe
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To the Arbor House Team, the Geneva Dickson family want to thank you all for the care, love and consideration given to our mother for the last 5 years. Also in her last week the love shown to her by the staff was over whelming. Thank you again on behalf of the Geneva Dickson family.br /> ---Leslie and Sherry Haas

"My mother has been at Arbor House for 4 months. During this time she has received excellent care. From the front office, nursing to caregivers; the compassion for the residents has been tremendous. The day to day programs challenge the residents and provide them stimulating relationships with the staff. Could not ask for a better Memory Care facility."
---John Conner

"My mom was a resident at Arbor House. She was not a resident of Arbor House for long before she passed away. She was only there for a little over 6 weeks. But, in that six weeks, my sisters and I knew that she was cared for and we were as well. I want your staff to know how important they are to not only the residents but to their families. We grew to love her caregivers, nurses, hairdresser, and every member of the staff who came into contact with our mom.

The caregivers will never know how special it was to us for them to take their own time to visit mom in the hospital and then for 6-8 of your angels that came to the funeral as did Peggy. It meant so very much to us to know that they wanted to be a part of this last stage on earth. They had only known her for such a short time, but took the time to come celebrate her life with us.

The final acts of kindness that she received here on earth were given to her by the family at Arbor House. Patricia, the nurse, had a special way with our Mom. Mom always responded so positively to her. After she passed away, Peggy came and asked if she could help prepare her body before she was taken to the funeral home. She had known us from a previous place that my Mom and Dad had lived. She was one of the reasons we chose Arbor House. The hairdresser came and asked if he could do her hair knowing she would want it just so. He also came and did her hair after the funeral home had finished their preparations. Each of the caregivers offered us hugs and condolences and love. Their many acts of kindness have been remembered by us so many times and will continue to be a part of our memories of our Mother's final days.

Please let all of your staff know that they are remembered far beyond the days that the residents leave. We will always have a special place in our heart for each of them."
---The daughters of Irene McGill

Prior to coming to Arbor House, Mom's life had become a crisis-to-crisis existence. Then there was the Great Crisis that led to us being here. Now she is in a safe place. She was not isolated. Meals and medications came regularly. Help was readily available. We had our first crisis-free year in decades. I believe the staff's daily attentiveness, the balanced meals, and the options for interactions have borne the fruit of Mom having the sweet gift of normal days. We have had time to simply enjoy one another, instead of constantly dealing with emergencies.

I sense the caregivers really value Mom. They delight in her. This is a gift to us both, and I am deeply grateful.
---S. Shannon

Just to let you know that you were correct about special people like Mom, Louise, Peggy, Luther, Hazel and Caroline and others needing to be living in a very special home like Arbor House. I certainly wish we had allowed Mom to live there a year earlier. The need for less people to be around with eating, socializing and just day to day living is certainly a plus for their comfort and care. The smaller group setting with just eating together was certainly a plus.

It was strictly not understanding the special needs of memory care for my mom and probably selfishness on my sister's and my part for thinking she needed more space than what she had at Arbor House. It was more difficult for me and my sister to move mom in than it was for her.

I loved to visit with her and all the other wonderful people that lived there. It was heart warming to see the care and love that was and is provided for them.

I always tell others about the needs of memory care people and how wonderful Arbor House was to my mom. It is kind of like sending your child off to school for the first day - just a twinge in the heart.

Once, again thanks to you and your wonderful staff that helped and loved my mom for her stay at Arbor House.
---Judy Crump